30 Keto Desserts

To succumb to temptation without complex Is it necessary to give up gluttony when you eat keto? No, answers Corinne Dewandre. The author of the famous blog La Vie en céto reveals her secrets for making delicious desserts without sugar or wheat flour, but with the star ingredients of ketogenic food – dark chocolate, almond powder, coconut flour, coconut oil, hazelnut butter… Choose between 30 desserts, each one as impressive as the next: vacherin, chocolate and ginger mousse, raspberry financiers, Liège coffee, pecan cookies… It’s creamy, soft, melts and crunches! For each recipe, the contents of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, calories and the ketogenic ratio are indicated. Appreciable, when you’re not a dietician! Bonus: a reminder of the principles of ketogenic nutrition and valuable advice on how to make the transition, free yourself from sugar dependency, create shopping lists with, for the first time, a list of keto-compatible sweeteners. Take care of yourself and enjoy!

Perhaps the most important thing in the keto diet is that it allows you to eat relatively large amounts of fat, but it prevents completely eating carbohydrates. This condition can be difficult for any woman who loves sweets of various shapes, and is almost impossible for alcoholic and chocolate addicts. Well, do not be upset dear, if you are one of these and decide to follow the diet of keto, you have good news, be prepared to start the keto diet, because in this article we will give you some ideas for keto diet sweets, with which you will not feel deprived.

Eating keto sweets may result in your weight stabilizing, so we do not recommend that you eat them when you start your keto regime. And do not overdo it again, and only eat it once a week or ten days, just to satisfy your desire to eat sweets from time to time.

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